The Watchers

Winter is coming.

Technically, winter came last season but I am still super super excited.

Game of Thrones is back!

And thus, it begins. The war for Westeros. But a more immediate threat is the war between the Watchers of the greatest TV Series of all time and the non-watchers. You guys are so… You know what, I can’t even.


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My wife and I (yes Ian, you read correctly) just finished watching the first 7 seasons. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. See, I had already seen the 7 seasons but my wife was all like, “Mimi niliona tu mpaka Joffrey akikufa”.

I was like, “That was years ago! Hata you don’t even know Ramsay.”

“I don’t care who Ramsay is.”

“You better care who Ramsay is!”


“We’re going to watch this thing together. From scratch.”

“No. We are not. I don’t want to.”

At this point, I gasp because, who wouldn’t want to watch this show. There’s danger, intrigue, passion, romance, politics, zombies and dragons! And, you know, naked bodies for those who are into that stuff.

“We’re going to watch it.”


I did not know how or when but I got the first season and played it. An episode a day, I told myself. Wifey was like this picture of Lyanna Mormont all the time.

Image result for lyanna mormont


And then after Joffrey died she was like.

Image result for cersei lannister amused


And then by the time Tommen (the worst character in the history of mankind) was king she was like.

Image result for olenna tyrell matriarch of house tyrell


And then, miracle of miracles, she said to me. “I actually like this show.”

And I was like.

Image result for ramsay bolton smirk gif

Jesus can come back now.

Although He should wait a bit till season 8 is done.

And till I get a Blu-ray copy of Captain Marvel.

Okay, maybe He can come back after Endgame.


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  1. Haha okay Mark you sounded thrilled… And how is Eve finding the Season 8? I bet she’s back to the Lyanna (_.I.P.) face. Also, I am seeing this today. SMH

  2. Hi Ian.

    Eve is more into it than I am, apparently. I keep teasing her like “Na ulikuwa unasema ‘Mimi sionangi Game of Thrones’, look at you now.”
    It’s so fun.

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