A Group of Pandas

January 20, 2020 Mark Wambugu 5

The first time I heard of spring cleaning, I took the phrase quite literally. The springs were dirty, they had to be cleaned.

Bob Marley

January 13, 2020 Mark Wambugu 4

Hi there. Happy New Year. Usually, I begin January blogs with a post about resolutions.


December 31, 2019 Mark Wambugu 9

In his dream, which could not possibly be a dream, Kip was floating in a space as black as the blackest night.

Part 6

December 30, 2019 Mark Wambugu 0

Hi. In this nothing period between Christmas and New Year’s where nobody knows what day it is or what they will be doing, I’d like to take this opportunity to


December 23, 2019 Mark Wambugu 1

When James Mwangi was a little boy he wanted to be a racecar driver.