June 22, 2016 Mark Wambugu 5

I’m a food junkie. Potatoes are my food of choice but they have not been kind to me.


June 21, 2016 Mark Wambugu 1

You wake up at 6:50 AM. You tell yourself that it’s okay. Work is only a fifteen-minute walk away anyway.

Brevity (A Short Story)

November 29, 2015 Mark Wambugu 3

Luke wakes up and looks at Helen. She smiles at him and his heart melts. She looks beautiful in her dishevelled hair and wrinkled up clothes.

Exercise Will Hurt You

October 16, 2015 Mark Wambugu 2

I had taken up running. Early in the morning when it was still dark so no one could see my half-assed attempts at a healthy lifestyle. It didn’t help that I thought that I ran a bit weird if you can call what I was doing “running”.