August 28, 2017 Mark Wambugu 5

I am reminded of an English proverb: A stitch in time saves nine. But I don’t need stitches, I am not Shawn Mendes.


June 19, 2017 Mark Wambugu 9

My parents, in their wisdom, also deemed me worthy of (and old enough for) a mobile phone. But they did not deem me worthy of airtime.


April 27, 2017 Mark Wambugu 2

I have a question. Where did we go wrong as humans?
I mean, seriously… where did we go wrong? I know it was somewhere where the first man accepted some mystery fruit from the first woman and subsequently doomed us all. Or, it was somewhere between Australopithecus and Homo neanderthalensis …


April 11, 2017 Mark Wambugu 5

I moved out of my father’s house years ago. And subsequently, I found out, rather harshly, that adulting is hard.