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In February 2020, one of my brothers (the one with the dragon tattoo) posted something on his Whatsapp status. Usually, he posts memes that only a few will get – mostly they are about anime or computers – but this time he didn’t. This time he did something different. Something out of character. He posted a movie trailer.

Now, I know you’re gonna say something like, “Mark, how unusual is a movie trailer?” To which I would reply that there’s nothing special about them. But this one… this one was the bomb!

When I saw this I literally almost wet my pants. I mean, just look at all that sauce!

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So naturally, I messaged him.

As you can see I was terribly terribly disappointed that the movie wasn’t out yet but brother dearest enlightened me that it was the third of a series. This past weekend, Eve and I had a jolly good time (read the italics in an Indian accent) watching Baaghi 1 and 2. Those movies are long AF though. It’s like reliving the unnecessary Hobbit trilogy. Eve enjoyed the music (because this is a Bollywood movie there has to be singing and dancing. It’s like watching Glee) and I seriously enjoyed the outrageous senseless violence.


I mean, just look at this!

Who in their right mind wouldn’t enjoy this?


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