It Couldn’t be Helped

Hi guys.

Thanks for coming but today… Ni kama hakuna story. Don’t get me wrong, there are several drafts here but I haven’t been able to finish them. It’s not my fault (well, it is but my flesh refuses to acknowledge that).

Also, yesterday I was rained on. Water fell from the sky and pummeled me properly. The audacity!

There I was, in my tight t-shirt (because hii kazi ya gym lazima muone), carrying luggage, wading through pools of dirty water. Looking like a discount Tyrese in one of those old RnB videos. You couldn’t be sad without singing in the rain back then.

It was a simpler time.

So, mimi kama Ray J mwitu, if I had one wish, I would have wished for an Umbrella – ella – ella, yeah, yeah, yeah. But I didn’t have any wishes and because of that I spent my writing time on recovering my warmth. My health. My will to live!

Then all of a sudden, poof, I blacked out. Didn’t even eat. The horror!

So, yeah. Sorry there isn’t a real post today. I’m sad about that. I even got you guys a sad parrot to look at.

Just look at how sorry it is…

See you next, Monday.

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