The Play

November 25, 2019 Mark Wambugu 9

The midwife yelled at Rose again, “Push like you mean it! Ya mwisho!” But Rose did not feel like pushing anymore. She was tired. Exhausted. And sweaty!


July 22, 2019 Mark Wambugu 1

A few weeks after my twelfth birthday we started hearing news about break-ins. There was a burglar at large.


June 3, 2019 Mark Wambugu 7

“Red is a lovely colour on you,” she said.

Sarah smiled and pursed her lips. She looked in the mirror and admired her new look.

The Deep

May 31, 2019 Mark Wambugu 0

He examined himself in the water, at least the parts of himself he could see and feel. His hands seemed fine save for some scratches on his forearms.