Have a Good Night

July 16, 2020 Mark Wambugu 1

She bought the mattress on Sunday. She spent the entire day deciding on whether to buy the blue one with the white welting cord. It was as stiff as a


June 4, 2020 Mark Wambugu 8

“Red is a lovely colour on you,” she said.

Sarah smiled and pursed her lips. She looked in the mirror and admired her new look.


May 18, 2020 Mark Wambugu 9

“I saw her again yesterday.” “By that do you mean you caught a glimpse of her or that you followed her again?”


March 30, 2020 Mark Wambugu 9

Have you ever loved someone so much that you can’t live without them? Loved them so much that every breath you take reminds you of how lucky you are to


December 31, 2019 Mark Wambugu 9

In his dream, which could not possibly be a dream, Kip was floating in a space as black as the blackest night.