Candy Crush

Dear Diary.

Good morning.

I’m writing this an hour before it goes live. I tried writing during the week but you know me and MS Excel had a thing. Don’t be jealous though. I’m done with that app. Now I can focus on you.

Yes, yes, I know. I was done before Friday. Sorry I did not write anything then. But si you know that office printer needed me. It was begging for my help and there’s no other hardware person in this office. It died, Diary. The printer is dead. Now no one will feel the warmth of a freshly printed exam or memo. At least not in this office.

Yes, yes, I could have written on the weekend. But si you know Eve and I had guests. We couldn’t have let them starve. Think of the optics, Diary! “Man and wife starve guests”. Doesn’t look pretty, does it?

Also, I know I spent two hours playing Candy Crush yesterday. It had to be done. But at least I stopped playing Asphalt, right? That’s progress!

I’ve got a story brewing though. It may be scary it may not be. Did you know that maybe and maybe not mean the same thing?


Until next time, Diary.

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