The Ball

June 17, 2019 Mark Wambugu 3

Ella braced herself for the slap she knew was coming. Her stepmother’s hand landed on her cheek like lightning. It left […]


June 3, 2019 Mark Wambugu 7

“Red is a lovely colour on you,” she said. Sarah smiled and pursed her lips. She looked in the mirror and […]

The Deep

May 31, 2019 Mark Wambugu 0

He should have been scared when he first heard that the plane was going to crash. He should have been scared […]

Procrastination (A Short Story)

November 19, 2018 Mark Wambugu 0

I have an inkling about what I have to do and when I’m supposed to do it. I know that at times I need to work on that MS Excel file. Boring as Excel is. I think Excel is a prison because it has so many cells.